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I'm All Out Of Faith

Quad me nutrit, me destruit

The Self-Absorbed Loner
24 March
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I'm Meg and that's all you need to know...

Ask me what I love most in life and listen to me answer me...

'my imagination has finally run off with my sanity, and the two of them are having a grand old time without me'

-“Do you ever get the feeling that he does that kind of stuff just so he can say things like that?” “… Do you ever not get that feeling?”

"Our love is wasteful so it should not be"

"The best part of 'believe' is the 'lie'"

Under some freaky turn of event circumstances, the FO banner was actually made by me.
Lay out by nyargles
Prince of Tennis Mood Theme by: iluxia
Tenimyu Banner by caelestin


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WAY OUT DATED... Let me get home and fix it >.
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